Governance statement

As a member-owned bank, the QBANK Board’s primary objective is to provide strategic direction, as well as proper oversight to protect the interests of our members and deposit holders.  The QBANK Board is committed to effective governance practices and strong oversight which reflect accountability, transparency and diligence within an inclusive framework.

Currently comprised of eight non-executive directors with the majority being member elected, the Board also has the power to appoint up to two directors, as required, to ensure QBANK has the right mix of skills and experience. The Board operates in accordance with its Charter, Director’s Code of Conduct and QBANK’s Constitution. Outlining the key governance principles adopted by the Board, these documents define the Board structure, role, responsibilities and powers.

QBANK has a several Board committees to assist the Board to oversee and monitor key areas within QBANK’s governance, risk and compliance framework. QBANK’s current Board committees are the Risk & Compliance, Audit & Finance, Governance & Remuneration and Nominations Committees.

An evaluation of QBANK, the Board, and each individual director is undertaken annually and information regarding the process followed by which directors are appointed can be found in the QBANK Constitution.

Governance Risk and Compliance Framework

QBANK operates under a governance, risk and compliance framework comprising of charters, delegations, policies and procedures. This framework helps to ensure that directors, management and staff adhere to relevant regulatory and prudential obligations, meet high standards of corporate governance, and serve and protect our members’ interests.

Download the QBANK Governance, Risk & Compliance Framework

Download the Constitution