QBANK Wearables



  • Tap and go for purchases under $100. For purchases over $100, you'll be asked for your PIN just like your Visa Debit card
  • You have all the same security features as your card, like being able to activate and lock the device or change your PIN via the QBANK app
  • Waterproof and battery free, meaning you can enjoy life without worrying about access to your funds
  • Free for members. No pricey smartwatch to buy

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes – members can choose to have one of each access facilities.

No, this is only available for Visa Debit accounts (Everyday Plus, On Call or Pension Plus).

Most merchants do not accept payWave to withdraw cash and ATMs generally require a card be inserted. It is up to the ATM owner whether they have the ATM setup to accept payWave cash withdrawals.

We recommend for security purposes, you set a PIN as soon as you activate your Wearable. Whilst the Wearable will work successfully for payWave payments under $100, you wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced if your purchase was over this limit.

Just like a credit or debit card, your Wearable will also expire. You will receive the expiry date with your Wearable and account information. A new Wearable Chip will be issued the month before expiry.

You can activate your Wearable and/or set your PIN through the QBANK App or Internet Banking:

Login to the QBANK App; Swipe left or up (dependent on phone) and select "Card Management"; Swipe to the Wearable and select "Activate"; then select "Change PIN" and follow the prompts.

Login to Internet Banking; select "My Preferences"; select "Activate Card' and follow the prompts; then select "Set Your Card's PIN" and follow the prompts.

A Wearable has all the same benefits and security as your QBANK Visa Debit and Credit Cards. For maximum security, please ensure you keep your Wearable as safe and secure as you would a credit or debit card and do not disclose your PIN to anyone.

A QBANK Wearable can be linked to any account that is eligible for a Visa Debit Card including the Everyday Plus account, the On Call account and the Pension Plus account.

If your Wearable is lost or stolen you can lock it using the QBANK App and selecting Card Management. You will then need to contact QBANK to cancel the Wearable and organise a new one to be issued.

The colours are chosen to represent the different areas of our membership base such as, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Department of Health. 

Terms and Conditions

Wearables are only available to members with an eligible QBANK account including S1 (On Call), S6 (Everyday Plus), S12 (Pension Plus) and S14 (Offset Accounts) and can only be linked to a Visa Debit Card.

Members are entitled to one Wearable each at no cost. Additional Wearables can be purchased for $15. If the Wearable becomes defective in any way, we will replace at no additional cost. This does not cover a lost or wilfully damaged Wearable.

There are no additional transaction fees for using the Wearable other than the standard transactions fees as outlined in the Schedule of Fees and Charges. A Visa monthly administration fee applies to the S1 On Call Account for the use of a Visa Debit Card or Wearable.

The requirements of protecting your Card and Wearable linked to your eligible QBANK account and liability for unauthorised transactions provisions in your Product Terms apply.

Please retain the card number and expiry date in case your Wearable is lost or stolen. You must immediately notify us and place a hold on or cancel your Wearable if the Wearable or PIN is lost, stolen or misused, or you suspect that unauthorised transactions have been made on your account.

We will notify you if we make changes to these conditions.