QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards

The QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards is designed to recognise those who have made an outstanding contribution to the Queensland community or given meritorious service to their association.

 Focusing on recognising future leaders and identifying role models, the awards are our way of celebrating and saying thank you to those who make a difference in our community, those who achieve their best, and those who serve others.
Five category winners will each receive $1,000 cash deposited into a QBANK account and $1,000 donated to their charity of choice. The Young Everyday Hero Award winner will receive a $500 bursary towards their training and development.

2016 Awards Video

2016 Awards Video

The Winners

Who Is Eligible?

To be eligible for the Everyday Heroes Awards, the nominated person must be over 18 and a government employee (Local/State/Federal) residing in Queensland, or be employed in a in a job that is principally concerned with administration of justice and protection of life/property.

To be eligible for the Young Everyday Hero Award, the nominee must be aged 12 to 17 and reside in Queensland.

Eligibility Info

Award Criteria

Awards will be judged based on the supporting information provided by the nominator in the nomination form. The following should be outlined in the supporting information:

  • Examples of achievements, initiative, planning, management and leadership.
  • Specific reference to how their actions and contributions have inspired you, their workplace and/or their community.
  • Approximate hours contributed (paid and/or unpaid)
  • Achievements/contribution to the community
  • Impact on the community/workplace - who and how many benefit?
  • Barriers or difficulties they may have faced and how they have been overcome
  • Self-development and/or training (if applicable)

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find more information?

Give us a call on 13 77 28 or email everydayheroes@qbank.com.au.

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