2018 Everyday Heroes Awards Honour Roll

We're proud to acknowledge the following finalists and nominees for their contribution to the Queensland community.

Finalists for 2018

Congratulations to all our finalists who have been honoured for their contribution to the community and the difference they have made.

Everyday Hero Award for Achievement

Recognises a passionate individual who has:

  • Delivered outstanding performance and high achievement in their workplace or community
  • Inspired and encouraged optimism, enjoyment and fun in those around them.


Rhys Greedy


Mal Priday

Marine Rescue

Damien Ahearn


Everyday Hero Award for Dedication

Recognises an individual who has shown extreme dedication to the lives around them through:

  • Determination and strength of character
  • Inspiring loyalty in their workplace or community.


Colleen Smith


Jacinta Tonia


Sam Cooke


Everyday Hero Award for Excellence

Recognises an individual who has shown:

  • Innovation, independent and forward thinking
  • Excellence in their workplace or community.


Vince Lowe


Matthew Grace

Patrick Hauhgton
Kyle Bowden
Nina Randall
Ben Wood
Shane Eggmolesse


Kyle Patrech


Everyday Hero Award for Ownership

Recognises an individual who has demonstrated:

  • Empowerment and integrity in their workplace or community
  • Taking ownership of a difficult situation
  • Providing guidance and advice to those in need.


Timothy Brown
Lars Nesbitt


Martyn Kruck


Andrew Finall


Everyday Hero Award for Working Together

Recognises an individual who has demonstrated and encouraged:

  • Outstanding teamwork
  • Trust, fairness, respect and diversity in their workplace or community.


Grant Neilson


Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch


Anna Ballantyne

Queensland Health

Young Everyday Hero Award

Recognises a young person who has demonstrated:

  • Admirable contribution to our community
  • Overcoming barriers or difficulties
  • Dedication to training and development.


Ryan Dunshea
Lily Taylor
Jade Gardiner
Molly Webster
Maggie Princehorn
Taiyana Lyon

Queensland Surf Life Saving

Cameron van den Brink
Jake van den Brink


Lucas McAskill

PCYC ES Cadets

Nominees honour roll for 2018



Abraham, Benjamin QFES
Ahearn, Damien QPS
Andrews, Scott Surf Life Saving
Applebee, William QPS
Armstrong, Terence QPS
Ashton, Darcie-Lee QFES
Ayres, Andrew QPS
Bailey, Steven QAS
Baker, TJ Volunteer
Ballantyne, Anna Qld Health
Barnes, Judith Qld Health
Barr, Tess Qld Health
Bellinger, Nicholas QFES
Bennett, Natasha QAS
Bjarnesen, Ben QPS
Bleckmann, Nick QAS
Borger, Tom Volunteer
Bowden, Kyle QPS
Bowels, Rachael Qld Health
Breed, Jesica QAS
Brown, Timothy QPS
Bruhn, Lia QPS
Button, Elise Qld Health
Capell, Lorna Qld Health
Carroll, Benedict QPS
Carsburg, Gary QFES
Cartner, Mark QPS
Cawdell, Matthew QCS
Chia, Shawn QPS
Christensen, Amanda Qld Health
Cole, David QAS
Collins, Thomas QCS
Connell, Ty-Le PCYC
Cooke, Sam QFES
Cox, Daisy Volunteer
Crawford, Reece Qld Health
Creedy, Gabrielle PCYC
Curran, Mitchell QPS
Dakin, Suzette QAS
Dally-Watkins, Dale Qld Health
Daly, Emma QAS
Day, Ian QAS
Day, Margaret QPS
DeNardo, Anthony Qld Health
Dennis, Peter QAS
Dittman, Nicole QAS
Doyle, Kimberly PCYC
Dunshea, Ryan Surf Life Saving
Ecimovic, Michael PCYC
Edington, Patricia Volunteer
Eggar, Timothy QFES
Eggmolesse, Shane QPS
Enders, Paul QPS
Finall, Andrew QPS
Formica, Michael QAS
Foster, Joseph QFES
Fraser, Jennifer QPS
Gardiner, Jade Surf Life Saving
Garner, Kylie QAS
Gerry, Sophie Surf Life Saving
Gilliland, Stephen Qld Health
Gomes, Rolf Qld Health
Gough, Andrew QPS
Grace, Matthew QPS
Greedy, Rhys QAS
Groth, Kevin QPS
Hargrave, Ian QPS
Harmon, Tricia QAS
Hatton, Stephen QPS
Haughton, Patrick QPS
Hawkin, Trevor QAS
Hayes, Brian QFES
Healy, Grant QFES
Hoskins, Sophie QAS
Ipswich Criminal Investigation Branch QPS
Jewell, Alison QPS
Jobson, Mitch QCS
Judd, Simon QPS



Karas, Blake QAS
Kelly, Warren QFES
Kennedy, Jody Qld Health
Krammer, Jodie QAS
Kruck, Martyn Army
Kurtz, Colin QCS
Lane, Corey QPS
Leafe, Michael QPS
Lee, Jonathon QPS
Lowe, Vince QPS
Lupton, Jane QAS
Lyon, Taiyana Surf Life Saving
Mansbridge, Lillian QCS
McAskill, Lucas PCYC
McDonald, Rebecca QPS
McHugh, Renee QAS
McMahon, Brendon QPS
McNamara, Beau QPS
McParland, Kevin QPS
McRae, Nyleta Volunteer
Molokac, Marek QCS
Moor, Derek Qld Health
Morgan, David QAS
Morgan, Sharon QPS
Morrison, Simon QAS
Neilson, Grant QCS
Nesbitt, Lars QPS
Nicholson, Deborah QPS
Nicholson, Emma QPS
Nyhan, Bernard QPS
Palipana, Chithrani Volunteer
Parry, Steve QAS
Paterson, Lyle QCS
Patrech, Kyle QCS
Peall, Ashley QPS
Perin, Ben QPS
Priday, Malcom Marine Rescue Qld
Princehorn, Maggie Surf Life Saving
Rancic, Tanya Qld Health
Randall, Nina QPS
Richter, Kayleen QCS
Robson, Geoff QPS
Roche, Damian QAS
Rose, Brian QAS
Royal, Shonelle Volunteer
Scott, Gina QPS
Sewell, Aimee QPS
Sheppard, Brettley PCYC
Smith, Colleen QPS
Smith, Theresa QAS
Solah, Adrian QPS
Solis, Margaret Qld Health
Spary, Nat Volunteer
Stacey, Malcolm QFES
Stone, Michael QAS
Sweedman, Darren Volunteer
Taylor, Kristle QCS
Taylor, Lily Surf Life Saving
Tevita, Raro Volunteer
Thomasson, Walter QFES
Tonia, Jacinta QPS
Turner, Christian QAS
Twomey, Barry QAS
van den Brink, Cameron Volunteer
van den Brink, Jake Volunteer
Wall, Donna QAS
Walsh, Scott QFES
Watts, Penny Qld Health
Webb, Steve QPS
Webster, Molly Surf Life Saving
West, Robert QAS
Whitehead, Jim QPS
Williams, Donald QCS
Williams, Peter Volunteer
Wood, Ben QPS
Worthington, Belinda Volunteer
Young, Sally Volunteer
VMR Squadrons - Round Hill and Gladstone Marine Rescue Qld