What Are Our Community Investment Goals?

QBANK has a longstanding commitment to its members and community organisations in which they belong. We invest in events and initiatives that demonstrate a clear commitment to our members, help to raise awareness of the QBANK brand and, give back to those who make a difference in our community.

Can I Apply?

To be considered as part of our Community Giving Program, you must meet the essential requirements criteria and provide details on how you can assist in achieving the QBANK investment goals.


  • You must be a QBANK member or your organisation must fit within one of our membership bonds (i.e. police, fire and emergency services, ambulance etc)
  • Your event or initiative must have relevance to QBANK’s investment goals (as above)
  • You must allow sufficient lead time between your application and the event/activity it relates to.

Community Giving Program guidelines

While we would love to be able to fulfil all the requests that come in, we are unable to support every one. As we review each application, please consider that our primary goal is to support the community that protects and serves Queenslanders, and the organisations that support our members.

Sponsorship Guidelines



We aim that our investment will have as far reaching impact as possible in our community, so we look to support:


  • Activities which drive deeper awareness of the key issues related to protecting and serving the Queensland community
  • Activities that promote well-being on-the-job for those that protect and serve the Queensland community
  • Activities that provide strong engagement opportunities and a way for QBANK to deepen relationships with the people that protect and serve the Queensland community
  • Activities that provide an opportunity for involvement for QBANK staff and to volunteer at events


  • An individual (or small group/team) seeking support for personal interests
  • Donation appeals or general fundraising enquiries
  • Programs with a religious, political or sectarian purpose
  • Organisations or groups whose planned activities could be potentially hazardous such as gambling
  • Activities programs that don’t provide measurable social outcomes
  • For-profit projects or activities

Apply Now

If you would like us to consider your Community Giving Program proposal, please complete the online questionnaire. Additional information or material may be submitted as an attachment at the end of the online process.  You will receive an email response advising whether or not your proposal has been successful within two weeks of application. 

*Please note if you are an existing Community Proud partner please email your QBANK contact directly as you do not need to submit a new online application

Apply Online