How to keep your credit card safe

Credit cards are convenient for shopping and paying bills. But they can be a target of theft or fraud. Here’s some common-sense tips for protecting your credit cards sensibly, without being paranoid.

Keep your pin secret

It's important to ensure your credit card pin is never shared. Play it smart and:                           

  • don’t use a predictable pin (like your birthday)
  • don’t keep a note of your pin in your wallet (or phone)
  • don’t tell anyone your pin
  • don’t have the same pin for multiple cards
  • do change your pin regularly.

Be aware of online security

Thieves often prefer to steal your credit card details rather than your actual card. Stay safe by:

  • keeping anti-virus software updated on all devices you use for online banking or shopping (including your phone)
  • using strong passwords for online banking, that aren't obvious and are changed regularly
  • shopping from legitimate websites
  • not using public computers for online shopping or banking
  • being alert for ‘phishing’ emails – if an email looks dodgy, delete it
  • linking your card to a third-party service like PayPal for paying online.

Handle with care

Use your credit card carefully by:

  • keeping your card in sight when you pay. Don’t let anybody leave the room with it
  • keeping your pin secure when you enter it in a shop or at the ATM
  • being on the lookout for scam devices on ATMs. If the ATM or card reader looks unusual, don’t use it and contact the bank.

Stay in touch

Keep an eye on your balance and transaction records. If you notice anything unusual, can’t trace a purchase or have a lost or stolen card, get in touch with your bank. If you have a QBANK credit card, don’t forget you can lock or unlock your card on the spot using the QBANK App.

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