QBANK named Customer Owned Institution of The Year for Everyday Banking

Niche member -owned QBANK has been awarded Canstar’s 2017 Customer Owned Institution of the Year Award for Everyday Banking.

QBANK proudly serves those who serve Queensland with police, ambulance and firefighters at the heart of the business, which also provides financial products and services to those in health, justice and government positions.

Canstar Group Manager, Banking & General Insurance, Stephen Morfea, said the award is a great achievement for QBANK in light of the competitiveness within this space.

“Canstar’s Customer Owned Institution of the Year Award for Everyday Banking is awarded to the institution that provides a strong combination of savings and transaction accounts that help improve consumers’ lives,” said Mr Morfea.

“This Award also takes into account a range of institutional factors such as; accessibility, online banking and the array of financial products offered.

“QBANK has a number of Canstar 5-Star Ratings for some of its credit card and home loan products, and this new award for Everyday Banking products is another testament to the team’s commitment to offering good quality products to its members.”

QBANK CEO Mike Currie said the award was a testament to the QBANK members.

“This institution was started over 50 years ago by Queensland Police, for Police and their families, and has grown to service the whole first responder community and those who serve Queensland.

“We’ve never forgotten where we have come from or our commitment to our members and this award shows that we have continued to ensure our members receive the best possible offerings.

“We’re very proud of this award and look forward to continuing to deliver competitive and quality financial products and services to our members,” Mr Currie said.

To arrange interview contact bernadette.oconnor@qbank.com.au / 0417 205 697

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