Supporting those who support you

QBANK has confirmed the continued support of Queensland Police Legacy with a fifteen thousand dollar donation to assist Police Legacy continue what they do best. 

The Queensland Police Legacy Scheme was established in 1971 to assist the eligible dependent families of deceased Queensland Police Officers, Queensland Police Officers whose spouse/partner had died and Queensland Police families where a parent is suffering from an incurable/terminal illness.

As at September 2017, Queensland Police Legacy is supporting 56 Queensland Police families, including meeting the educational expenses of 89 dependent legatee children.

QBANK CEO Mike Currie said the work of Queensland Police Legacy is an integral part of the policing community.

"We thank them for all the work they do year-round.

"QBANK has been a proud supporter of Queensland Police Legacy for over twenty years and we look forward to continuing to help the Queensland Police Legacy team assist the families of our QPS heroes," Mr Currie said. 

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