The everyday heroes who walk among us

The 2017 QBANK Everyday Heroes Awards honour and celebrate those Queenslanders who have made a difference in the community and those who serve and protect others. The Awards are an opportunity to honour Queenslanders who have gone above and beyond the call of duty and make Queensland a better and safer place to live.

This year's awards are in full swing and it's inspiring to see the stories that have already been coming through. North Queensland residents heard this week a radio interview with Linda Mair (pictured with her dogs Elly, Racey and Bundy) who forms part of the group 4 Paws on the Inside who are a group of Far North Queensland voluenteers who bring furry visitors to the Lotus Glen Correctional Centre with a troupe of up to 20 rescued dogs for training. This training provides an opportunity for the dogs to be able to get rehomed but it also allows the prisoners to engage in activites which can inadvertently see them address their offending behaviour. 

This month we also saw a great story circulated in Queensland news of Jason Lim, an Ipswhich paddle boarder who rescued a man from drowning. After seeing a man facedown in the Gold Coast surf, Mr Lim hurled the man onto his paddle board where he started to resuscitate the surfer who had been knocked unconscious by his own surfboard. Thanks to Mr Lim's quick thinking the man was alive and breathing when the paramedics arrived. You can read more of his story here. 

Stories like these have been coming in every day and there are still two weeks to nominate someone you know for an Everyday Heroes Award. No matter how big or small, it's the Queensland spirit to give someone a pat on the back when a mate or colleague has gone above and beyond. 

Remember, all local, state and federal government employees and volunteers who live in Queensland are eligible for a 2017 QBANK Everyday Heroes Award. Anyone between the ages of 12 and 17 can be nominated for a Young Everyday Hero Award.

It only takes two minutes to nominate your everyday hero and shine a light on their contribution to the Queensland community so honour someone you know today at 

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