How your everyday choices can simplify money management

The choices we make everyday create the habits of a lifetime. If your day-to-day money management is under control, it puts you in good shape for your overall financial health.

Everyone is time poor, so anything that makes your everyday a little easier is important. Here’s some everyday features that can make your banking simple.

The right account at the right time

Having an everyday transaction account that you use for everyday spending and paying bills is an important part of your account planning, and not all accounts are created equal.

What to look for in your everyday account:

  • an interest rate that means you’re earning as you spend
  • low or no account-keeping fees
  • free ATM withdrawals and transactions
  • minimum deposits or maximum withdrawals that suit you e.g. the QBANK Everyday Plus Transaction account has no monthly fees if you deposit $1500 a month.

Easy access when you need it

A big part of an easier everyday account is access when and where you need it. This might include:

Under the one roof

It’s common these days to have more than one bank account. It doesn't need to be a hassle or get complicated if you organise it well with your bank.

Having all your everyday transaction account, savings account, personal loan and mortgage under the one banking roof means it’s easy to get a snapshot of your finances and juggle between accounts if you need to. You’re buying yourself some time by having a single login to manage your money on the go.

Giving back

If you’re the type that likes to give back to your community, some banks make it easy to make a difference. As well as one-off support, QBANK donates 10 cents every month for each Everyday Plus Account to local charities.

Award-winning everyday banking

Our combination of savings and transaction accounts to improve our customer’s lives were recognised when QBANK was awarded Canstar’s 2017 Customer Owned Institution of the Year Award for Everyday Banking.

This award joins QBANK’s other Canstar 5-Star Ratings including our credit cards and home loans. The QBANK team has a proud commitment to our customers. If there’s a way to make your banking life easier, we’ll find it.

Make your everyday a little easier

Ready to simplify? We’re ready to help. Contact QBANK or call 13 77 28.

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