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Supporting Those Who Support Us

The team at Community Supporting Police (CSP) are hardworking and driven, while much of their work might fly under the radar, they play an especially vital role in our community.

CSP is a community driven organisation which is devoted to raising funds to provide comfort and support to members of the Queensland Police family in times of crisis and /or trauma.

Since its start in 1991, CSP has continued to raise funds to provide emergency accommodation free of charge to hundreds of Queensland Police Service (QPS) families who have required assistance. Requests for help can be made through the Police Chaplain or Human Services Officer.

Emergency accommodation facilities are available to members of the QPS family experiencing medical, bereavement, recuperation and other family crises.

The occupancy rate for all 10 emergency facilities throughout Queensland is over 80% all year round, thus reflecting the ongoing need for such facilities across the State.

In Brisbane, CSP currently manages one residential house at Nundah and five residential units found at Bowen Hills, Woolloongabba, Annerley and Toowong.

Accommodation is also available in Cairns, Einasleigh, Townsville, Rockhampton and Toowoomba, these facilities are managed by the local CSP branches in those areas.

As a sign of respect, the CSP facilities have been named as memorials to QPS staff, sworn and non-sworn as well as family members of serving Officers, in acknowledgement of their contribution to serving the Queensland Community.

CSP funds the maintenance of these facilities, including the provision and upkeep of electrical appliances, furnishings, regular cleaning, pest control and payment for utilities, through the sale of Police branded merchandise.

These facilities play a significant role in the lives of many members of the QPS especially during times of trauma and crisis. It is for this reason, QBANK help CSP, by way of sponsorship, to help maintain the QPS owned emergency accommodation facilities.

QBANK also support CSP staff by volunteering our time at various events throughout the year to help raise much needed funds.

You can support the work of CSP by:

  • making a donation
  • shopping from their gift store – including the iconic Constable T Bear collector editions
  • liking them on Facebook and keeping up with their news
  • joining their mailing list to stay up to date
  • swap your containers for change – Id number C10018638
  • attending a community event or fundraiser, including the Behind the Crime presentations.

More information about Community Supporting Police can be found on their website.

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