Queensland Bushfire Donations

As these devastating fires continue to engulf our nation, our thoughts are with our emergency services, those helping evacuate and assist on the frontline, and the communities & families that are suffering during this unprecedented disaster. 

QBANK has donated funds to Queensland's Rural Fire Brigades which comprise more than 1,400 volunteer brigades, and more than 33,000 volunteers (both firefighters and support members). All donations to RFBAQ will contribute to the delivery of services, tools and resources that the rural fire brigades and our volunteers desperately need. 

If you can and would like to provide financial support - further donations can be made online at Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland

Every donation made will help assist our heroes saving our state. 

If you want to support and help those who are affected by bushfire but are not Brigade members in Queensland then please look to supporting either Red Cross or the Salvation Army.

Image: Queensland Fire and Emergency Services

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