Temporary Increase to Contactless Transaction Limits COVID-19

In an effort to reduce the need for physical contact due to COVID-19, QBANK Visa credit and debit card holders may be able to spend more in one transaction.

The Payments Industry has announced an increase to the value limit for contactless card transactions, for example payWave or “tap and go”. This is being implemented as a temporary measure to reduce the need for physical contact with POS devices due to COVID-19. 

The limit change is a temporary measure that will be in place until 17 September 2020 based on Government and industry advice. The change is not mandated, it is optional for merchants to participate.

How will this affect me?

The limit has temporarily been increased from $100 to $200 in one transaction. If you are making a purchase via payWave by using your QBANK Visa credit or debit card (including QBANK visa wristbands) or your card is linked to Apple or Google Pay, you may be able to spend up to $200 in one contactless payment transaction without entering your PIN. This applies to participating domestic merchants only.

Which merchants will accept this limit increase?

It is important to note that the transaction limit increase is not mandated for merchants and therefore not all stores will opt to increase contactless payments. Where merchants do choose to implement the increase, you will be able to use your QBANK Visa credit and debit card (including Wristbands) and Google and Apple Pay if those cards are provisioned.

In addition, members should be aware that merchants and shopfronts have the option to send a contactless transaction via the network of their choice (Visa or eftpos), whichever costs them the least to accept. Unfortunately, for consumers there is no way of knowing which network the merchant uses.

If a merchant does not route with Visa you will not be able to utilise the increased contactless payment limit. In these cases if your transaction is over $100 you will need to enter your PIN. When you make a contactless payment over $100, please follow the prompts on the POS device.

The new limit has commenced via a progressive roll out to participating merchants and is expected to take around 3 weeks to complete.

QBANK members are not required to take any action to implement this change. If you have any further queries regarding the limit increase, please contact the Member Services team on 13 77 28 8.45am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday.

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