QBANK Launches Property Assistance Service

Today, we are proud to release our Property Assistance Service to help members through the home buying process.

Here at QBANK we want the best for our members, especially when it comes time for you to decide which property to purchase.

“For many of our members, buying property can be an infrequent and intimidating decision and we wanted to be able to provide our members with access to property experts that could help support them through their buying journey”, QBANK CEO Mike Currie said.

"Feedback from our members indicated there was a need for this type of service."

If you are looking to buy an investment or your own home and could use some help navigating the buying process, we can help.

Further information can be found on the Property Assistance Service page

Important information you need to know:

  1. The Property Assistance Service is provided by DBA Consultants Pty Ltd trading as Triple Zero Property Group and DBA Property Group and holds a real estate licence number 3978870.
  2. QBANK has a referral arrangement in place with Triple Zero Property Group. Under the referral arrangement, with your consent, we will pass your details to Triple Zero Property Group who will get in touch to discuss your property buying objectives.
  3. QBANK will receive a referral fee of $2,750 from Triple Zero Property Group where:
    1. Triple Zero Property Group recommends a property to you and you then purchase that property.
    2. If you purchase an established or existing property, Triple Zero Property Group will pay QBANK a referral fee of the lower of (i) $2,750 plus GST or (ii) 30% of any commission received by Triple Zero Property Group in connection with the referral.
    3. The fee is not dependant on QBANK financing the purchase of the property.
  4. QBANK is not responsible for Triple Zero Property Group's recommendations. The information QBANK is providing is not intended to imply any recommendations or opinion. 
  5. If the member applies to QBANK for financing in relation to the property, QBANK will assess this application independently of Triple Zero Property Group's recommendations.


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