QBANK Commences SMS OTP Update

In order to increase protection of your accounts and personal details, QBANK will soon be introducing a compulsory two-step verification process for electronic banking services. This two-step verification process is commonly referred to as “SMS One Time Password”.

The two step verification process helps to safeguard your account(s) and personal details by:

  • Allowing you to confirm/validate a first time payment to a new payee
  • Providing an additional layer of protection against fraudulent transactions
  • Providing an additional layer of protection against unauthorised changes to your account and personal details

Using SMS One Time Passwords is an easy and convenient additional security feature to authorise activity on your account(s).

Important Information:

Members will be communicated with prior to this change taking effect and for those wishing to register sooner, you can do so through Internet Banking or by calling our Member Service Team on 13 77 28.

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