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Telegraphic transfers

Do you need to send money overseas to family, friends or business suppliers? Do you want to receive an international payment from family members or your trading partners?

QBANK, in association with Western Union Business Solutions, is the one-stop shop for international transactions of any size. We can facilitate sending and receiving money around the world in quick, reliable and affordable ways.

Send money to 200 countries, in more than 130 currencies.

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Online international transfers

You can now use our desktop internet banking service to reliably and conveniently send money overseas. Simply login to internet banking via your desktop computer, laptop or tablet and go to Transfer Funds, then International Transfers and follow the instructions.

Please be aware that in order to use International Transfers you will need to enable SMS One Time Passwords for added security.

Did you know...

By sending a Telegraphic Transfer in the beneficiary’s currency you generally receive greater certainty on your payment – you can effectively “lock-in” the exchange rate, and know exactly how much is being transferred.

When you make a transaction in AUD you may not know what a foreign bank will charge and what foreign exchange rate they will apply, and hence it may not be possible to find out how much will be credited to the beneficiary’s account.

We generally only suggest sending funds in Australian Dollars if the beneficiary holds an AUD account with the overseas bank; in all other cases, we suggest funds should be sent in the beneficiary’s (i.e. payee’s) currency.

When paying by credit card it may be difficult to find out how much it will cost you when the foreign exchange and other fees are applied to your transaction by the correspondent banks. You will find out when you see the final cost in your credit card statement.

Frequently asked questions

What is a Telegraphic Transfer (TT)?

A Telegraphic Transfer (also known as a "Wire") is an electronic transfer of funds directly credited to a beneficiary's overseas bank account. A choice of more than 130 currencies is offered.

Why should I use a TT?
What details do I need to send a TT?
What is an Inward Telegraphic Transfer?
How does it work?
Why should I ask my sender to send money via this service?
What do I need to do to receive money to my account?

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