Make secure, contactless payments with your Garmin wearable using your QBANK Visa card.


Available almost anywhere you can tap your card to pay. Leave your cash, cards and smartphone at home.


Fast access; make contactless payments with a few quick taps.


Getting started with Garmin PayTM


Frequently Asked Questions

All QBANK Visa Debit and Credit Cards have digital wallet capability.

The ability to see past transactions will be visible from within the Garmin Pay wallet. No transaction information will be visible on the watch.

To complete verification process, QBANK sends a one-time password to the mobile number registered with us. You need to call our Member Service Centre in order to update your mobile number in our records.

You can view detailed information about each of your payment cards, and you can activate, deactivate, or delete a card.

  1. From the More page in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, select Garmin Pay
  2. Select a payment card
  3. Select an option:
  • To activate or suspend the card, use the Suspend Card toggle switch. When the card is suspended, you cannot use it to make purchases on your device.
  • To delete the card, use the Trash Can icon. The card is completely deleted from your wallet. If you want to add this card to your wallet in the future, you must enter the card information again.
  1. Enter card details—You can manually enter your card info
  2. Accept terms and conditions—If your card is supported, you’ll be asked to read and accept the terms and conditions from the issuer.
  3. Verify your card — Once you accept the terms and conditions, you may be presented with a one-time identity verification requirement. You’ll be sent a passcode via email, SMS, web, or a customer service call that you’ll need to enter in your app. Once entered, your issuing bank will activate your card. Keep in mind, it may take up to 10 minutes before your card appears in your wallet.

You must know your current passcode to change it. Your passcode cannot be recovered. If you forget your passcode, you must delete your wallet, create a new one, and re-enter your card information.

You can change the passcode required to access your Garmin Pay wallet on your device.

  1. From the Device page in the Garmin Connect Mobile app, select a device
  2. Select Garmin Pay > Change Passcode
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.

The next time you pay using your device, you must enter the new passcode

Passcode entry is required when the wallet or wallet settings are accessed, in the following conditions:

  • Once if the watch has been removed and put back on wrist
  • Once every 24 hours, even if the watch remains on wrist
  • Each time if the watch is off wrist or if the optical heart rate is off

If you enter your passcode incorrectly 3 times, you’ll be locked out of your wallet on the device and asked to set another passcode. However, you will have 3 additional attempts to unlock from the app on your phone. You’ll need to remember your original passcode in order to set the new one.

  • If your device acts like the transaction worked (e.g. the “success checkmark” appears on the watch face), ask the cashier for help. Garmin Pay sent the payment info, but the merchant’s terminal had a problem accepting it. You may need to try again, or it may be that the merchant’s terminal is not functioning properly or not setup to receive contactless payments.
  • If the merchant’s terminal asks for chip & PIN card it means that the merchant requires the card for all chip & PIN purchases. You’ll need to use your physical card.
  • If the terminal asks to present only one card, you should try again with your device’s NFC antenna closer to the terminal.
  • If your transactions still won’t go through or your card is declined, you’ll need to contact your bank for help.

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If your watch is lost or stolen, you can Suspend or Delete your card from Garmin Connect Mobile on your phone. These options are available on the Garmin Pay main menu and can be selected without the watch being connected. Reference Managing your Garmin Wallet for instructions.

1) You must have a wallet already setup.

  • iOS - Open Garmin Pay from more menu -> Long tap on the Card image (roughly 10 seconds)
  • Android Settings -> App Diagnostics -> Garmin Pay

2) A pop up message should appear with Garmin Pay ID which can be copied and sent via email.

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Available for supported cards from participating banks; contact your bank for more information. Only available at NFC-enabled terminals. View current supported country, payment network and issuing bank information at

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QBANK Digital Wallet Terms and Conditions are available HERE