Deceased Estates

At QBANK, we care for our members and their families. We will work with you to help make things a little easier during this time. We have outlined important information and frequently asked questions below. If you require further assistance, please contact us on 13 77 28 or


How QBANK can support you

We understand that during this time things can be a little overwhelming. To help you navigate the banking related issues we have outlined some processes and information to assist you.


Notify QBANK

Notify the QBANK team of the Members’ passing as soon as you can. We do not require a death certificate at the time of notification.

You will need:

  • Member Name
  • Date of birth
  • Membership Number (If available)


We will use this information to make note on the deceased Members’ account and remove their account from receiving further marketing material. A QBANK representative will be in contact within 2 weeks to request further information and documentation.

Contact QBANK between 8:45am – 4:30pm (AEST) Monday to Friday:


Relationship Confirmation

For legal and privacy reasons, we are unable to share details of the Members account with anyone other than executor/s, administrator/s, legal representative/s, or any joint account holder/s.

The Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006 states that all signatories must be identified if instructing a financial institution about a Deceased Estate’s funds before such monies can be released. If you are not already a QBANK member, we will need you to meet our identification requirements.

To confirm your relationship with the QBANK Member, we will ask to sight original or certified copies of your Letters of Administration or Probate or the Will. We can accept certified copies of your documentation in branch or via post only. Once we receive and confirm this information as well as your identity, we will be able to correspond in person, over the phone or via email with you in relation to the accounts.


Finalisation or changes to accounts

To finalise or make changes to the deceased Member account/s we will usually need to sight or obtain a copy of the Death Certificate and the Will.

Please understand that we must comply with our legal and regulatory requirements before the finalisation of any deceased Members account. We may require additional or alternative documentation based on individual circumstances and this will be explained to you if applicable. Additional or alternative documentation may include Probate or Letters of Administration.


Settling and closing the Membership

Once all documentation has been processed, we can provide you with details of the accounts and the balances held. We will also be able to settle the estate i.e. by the releasing of monies and security held less any loan amounts owing (if applicable).

Frequently Asked Questions

Unfortunately, no. Once a person is deceased all Power of Attorney/s, Guardianships and authorised signatories are void. The only person/s that can engage with QBANK regarding the deceased Members’ account will be executor/s, administrator/s, legal representative/s, or any joint account holder/s.

It is a legal requirement for QBANK to identify you. Under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Act 2006, executor/s, administrator/s, legal representative/s must be identified if instructing a financial institution about a Deceased Estate’s funds before such monies can be released.

As you can appreciate, individual circumstances vary. This means that the time taken to settle accounts also varies depending on the matter. The earlier we receive all required documentation, the quicker the request can be processed.


Requests can be made to QBANK for Estate invoices to be paid. These will be considered by relevant teams.


Funeral Expenses

The funeral bill may be paid from the Estate. We require the original tax invoice from the funeral director. If you would like to claim for funeral costs already paid, we require the original receipt in addition to the tax invoice to reimburse you.

Yes, there is a $20,000 limit on probate. This means if the value of the accounts held by QBANK is $20,000 or greater we will require the Executor/s to provide Probate.

You will continue to receive statements until the balance is nil after which one further, final statement is issued. If you continue to receive the Estate’s mail beyond this point, please contact our Estates team on 13 77 28 or

Our team will send you a letter advising you of the details of any outstanding debts and our requirements for closing the account. Where possible, we will offset the credit card debt using the funds available from any savings and transaction accounts in accordance with the product's terms and conditions.

Please note all credit cards associated with the account will be closed. This includes credit cards where there is an additional cardholder.

The Term Deposit can remain invested until the date of maturity. At this point, QBANK will follow instructions that have been provided by the executor/s, administrator/s, legal representative/s, or any joint account holder.
Alternatively, funds can be released prior to the maturity of the Term Deposit once we have received all the required documentation. There may be interest reduction penalties to release a term deposit early.

Please refer to the Schedule of Fees and Charges and General Information Terms and Conditions for requirements and fees related to early redemption. 

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