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Deposits & transactions
How can I make a cash/cheque deposit into my account without going into a QBANK Branch?

Over the counter cash or cheque deposit at Australia Post

These can be completed at any Australia Post outlet that displays the Bank@Post symbol. 

Please note an active QBANK card and PIN is required to perform these deposits.

  • Cheques will only be accepted if they are in the same name as on the card. This can cause issues if the cheque is in joint names. See below note if this is the case.
  • Cheques will take five business days to be cleared when deposited via Australia Post
  • Cash deposits will be accepted; however, note that some branches will limit the amount they will take in one transaction (sometimes $3000/day - this is an Australia Post limit, not something QBANK can control).

Over the counter cash or cheque deposit at participating Westpac Branches

Participating Westpac Branches will accept deposits from members who hold an encoded deposit book. These can be ordered via the Member Service Centre. Additionally, members who have ordered an encoded deposit book can instead just use the deposit link number and corresponding BSB number that is provided to perform a deposit:

BSB: 034838
Account: Deposit link number

For members wishing to deposit to a non-owned account such as a social clubs or business, they will need to request this number from the signatory of the account.

Joint Cheques

Note: In the case of joint cheques, please post the cheque with deposit details to the QBANK PO Box 13003, George Street QLD 4003 and it will be deposited upon arrival and be cleared after three business days.

What is my BSB and Account Number?

BSB: 704052

Account: Use your Alternate Reference Number which you can find through Internet Banking or the App:

QBANK Internet Banking
Simply log in and click on the "BSB/Acc Details" link in the Quick Links menu on the Welcome screen.

Tap on Account Balances, tap the Menu icon at the top left hand corner and go to "Additional Services" then "Account BSB Details".

How long does a transfer take to arrive into my account?

Standard transfers between QBANK and other Financial Institutions within Australia can take up to 48 business hours to process. If the receiving Financial Institution is setup for OSKO Payments, this will give you the option to make the transfer in real-time.

How much cash can I withdraw from an ATM?

You have a $1000 savings option limit per day on your card which is for the security of the funds and can not be altered.

Where can I go to withdraw more than $1000?

Please go to the QBANK North Quay Branch, otherwise some Financial Institutions may allow you to complete a Cash Advance over the counter using your Visa Debit card. Since this is a service offered by another institution, you will need to contact the specific branch first to confirm if they provide this and if any fees/limits are applicable. Please see the Schedule of Fees for associated costs QBANK may impose.

What are your Term Deposit rates?

Term Deposit rates are available here. Alternatively, please contact the QBANK Contact Centre on 13 77 28 Monday to Friday 8:45am to 4:30pm to discuss the rates available on the day.

How do I perform a Telegraphic Transfer to another country?

QBANK enlists the services of Western Union to perform all outward transfers to another country. To begin, please log on to Internet Banking and select the “Transfer Funds” option followed by “Telegraphic Transfers”. Please see the Schedule of Fees for any associated costs QBANK may impose.

Internet banking & app
How can I access the QBANK App on my new phone?

Download the App to your new device and enter in your member number and QBANK internet banking password. If you can not remember your password you will need to call the QBANK Contact Centre on 13 77 28 Monday to Friday 8:45am to 4:30pm for further assistance.

How do I increase my External Transfer Limit?

You will need to contact the QBANK Contact Centre on 13 77 28 to assist you with the increase of your external transfer limit for the day. If you would like to make a permanent increase to your external transfer limit, you may do so by completing and returning the Daily External Transfer Limit Increase/Decrease form available online or emailed upon request.

What do I do if I have transferred funds to an incorrect BSB and Account Number?

Please contact QBANK on 13 77 28 Monday to Friday 8:45am to 4:30pm if the mistake has been realised straightaway. If the account number is invalid, the funds will be returned to your account within two business days. Please note, if a recall on the funds is required, this will be actioned at a cost as per the Schedule of Fees.

Managing your card
How can I make a payment to my QBANK Bluey Credit Card from another Financial Institution?

To make a payment to the QBANK Bluey Credit Card from another Financial Institution it is a matter of completing a transfer using the BSB and Account Number associated to the credit card account. This information can be found on the credit card statement, account information on internet banking, or by calling QBANK on 13 77 28 Monday to Friday and speaking with one of the Member Service Consultants.

How can I make purchases on my Visa Debit Card above $1000?

Using your Visa Debit Card you can select the “Credit” option on the EFTPOS terminal and enter your PIN. This will allow you to spend up to the available balance in your transactional account.

How do I activate my Card?

QBANK Visa Debit and Cue Cards can be activated through your Internet Banking profile via “My Preferences” or the QBANK App via the “Card Management” option. This can also be achieved by calling the QBANK Contact Centre on 13 77 28 Monday to Friday 8:45am to 4:30pm or in person at any QBANK branch during opening hours.

How do I change my PIN?

PIN’s can be changed/reset on your Internet Banking profile via “My Preferences” or the QBANK App via the “Card Management” option. You do not need to know your PIN using these methods.

Also, this can be achieved at Cashcard ATM’s, if the current PIN is known.

How old do I have to be to get a Visa Debit Card attached to my Account?

The age in which a member is eligible to apply for a Visa Debit Card to their account is 18 years of age. You will need to call to discuss the card order and account usage.

My Card is expiring this month, when will I get a new one?

Your Card will be active until the last day of the expiry month with your replacement card being ordered two weeks before your expiry month.

What is my QBANK Bluey Credit Card billing cycle?

The billing cycle is the dates between when the credit card statement is generated and when the minimum payment is due. The billing cycle runs from the 19th of the month until the 11th of the next month. This means that the cardholder must make at least their minimum monthly payment between these dates so that their account does not go into arrears and also they do not incur a late payment fee. Please note, the minimum payment members must make each month is 2% of the outstanding balance as at COB on the 18th of the billing month or $25, which ever is the greater.

What is my QBANK Bluey Credit Card Statement cycle?

The statement cycle or statement period is the dates which the credit card statement covers. Our statement period is from the 19th of the month to the 18th of the next month. Statements are generated on the 19th of each month and are issued within 7 days of generation.

Credit card reforms
What is happening?

The Australian Government has passed new legislation that will change the way we calculate interest on credit card purchases. From 1 June 2019, if you do not pay the full closing balance as shown on your statement, interest for purchases will start being calculated from the day after the payment due date.

What does this change mean for me?

The new way of calculating interest on purchases will affect you differently depending on your own personal circumstance.

(a) For those who pay their closing balance in full every month:

If you continue to pay off your closing balance in full every month by the due date you will not be directly impacted, and you will continue to pay no interest on purchases.

(b) For those currently paying interest on existing purchase:

These changes will not immediately impact you as nothing will change until you have paid your closing balance in full and regain the interest-free days.

(c) For those who generally pay their closing balance in full but sometimes miss a full payment and pay interest on purchases:

From 1 June 2019, if you do not pay off your closing balance in full by the payment due date you will start incurring interest from the next day. Once the most recent closing statement balance or current balance plus interest is paid off in full, the interest-free period will resume from your next retail purchase.

Is this related to the Rewarder fee changes earlier this year?

No. This is a regulatory change and not related to the fee changes.

Do I need to do anything?

There is no action required from you as the changes are happening at our end.

Changing my credit card limit

You can request to reduce the credit limit on your card at any time online via this form, via phone or at one of our branches. Please note that you are unable to reduce your limit any lower than your current balance or product minimum (see Terms and Conditions). We may need to communicate with you the steps you must take prior to the limit reduction (for example paying off any amount that exceeds the requested limit).

Cancelling my credit card

You can request to close your credit card at any time online via this form, via phone or at one of our branches.  If you request to close your credit card we will process this as soon as we can. As part of finalising the closure, we may need to communicate with you the steps you must take prior to us closing the card (for example reducing your balance).

If you change your mind and wish to reinstate your personal credit card, you will need to apply for a new personal credit card. This includes a new credit assessment.

What is a closing balance?

A closing balance is the total amount outstanding on a credit card account relating to credit provided in respect of purchases, together with certain fees, interest charges and other charges.

How do interest free periods work?

An interest-free period is the maximum possible length of time between the first day of a statement period and the payment due date.

A common misconception is that “up to 55 days interest-free” means you will have 55 days to pay off a purchase before any interest will be charged. However, your interest-free period actually starts from the first day of your statement cycle, not from the moment you make a purchase. Up to 55 days interest-free refers to the maximum number of interest-free days that may be available on a purchase. How many days you have depends on when you make a purchase during the statement cycle and the total number of days within that statement cycle (accounting for differences in the number of days within calendar months).

For example, if you wanted to take advantage of the maximum number of interest-free days available for a particular statement cycle, a purchase would need to be made on the first day of your statement cycle. However, if you made a purchase on day 20 of your statement cycle, you would only have up to 35 days interest-free. Keep in mind that to utilise the interest-free period on purchases you need to pay the full closing balance by the payment due date on every monthly statement. If you don't pay it in full each month, you don’t get your interest-free period. Furthermore, if you have a balance transfer that is currently unpaid, all other purchases will earn interest immediately, leaving you with no interest-free days.

PayID and Osko
Can a person take money out of another person’s account using information registered on PayID?

A PayID identifier cannot be used to take money out of an account. It can only be used to receive payments.

Could a person register another person’s details with PayID?

QBANK must follow strict identifications steps (like those already in place in the industry) to ensure a person has a right to change information registered on PayID and that they are the rightful owner, or authority, of the account it is linked to.

How secure will PayID be?

It’s in everyone’s interest that PayID is safe and secure which is why it is certified to the highest data security standards and monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The PayID also has high security standards and capabilities that must be met by all financial institutions that wish to register a customer’s details on the service, which they can only do with the customer’s informed consent.

How do members use Osko?

This is a digital service that is seamlessly integrated into online banking channels like the QBANK App and Internet Banking. When transferring funds, you will see an "Osko" option in addition to a "Standard Transfer" option if the person you are paying is registered for PayID and their account is Osko enabled.

How will a member know if they are paying the right person?

When a member registers an identifier with PayID via QBANK, they will be asked to give their identifier a name. This name must be an appropriate representation of the accountholder and must not intend to mislead or confuse a payer. QBANK will have the ability to display this name to the payer during the payment process to confirm that the payee is indeed the person or company they are intending to pay. In many cases, the full legal name of the account holder may also be displayed.

If I want to use PayID or Osko, will it cost me money?

Using PayID or Osko will not incur any additional charges.

What happens if the email address or phone number I want to use is already registered and in use?

QBANK can instigate a PayID Dispute Resolution process. This will enable the disputed identifier to be investigated and assigned to the rightful owner. Please contact us if you are having issues with registering a PayID.

Will PayID and Osko be available on all of my QBANK accounts?

PayID and Osko will be available for all QBANK accounts.

Will PayID and Osko make fraud harder to detect?

Most fraud in the Australian payments system is CNP (card not present) fraud, when card details are stolen and then used to make purchases or other payments without the card, mainly online.

By contrast, PayID and Osko payments are ‘push’ payments from a bank account, requiring the specific authorisation and approval of the account holder, as opposed to funds which are ‘pulled’ from a card, often without the knowledge or involvement of the cardholder, such as CNP payments.

Australian financial institutions have very good fraud detection, screening and alert systems and PayID and Osko will incorporate these capabilities. At the same time, consumers are likely to see mechanisms such as biometric (fingerprint) login protection and two factor authentication used at certain times, for instance for payments made to a first-time payee, or over a certain amount. 

Will I be able to use PayID and Osko overseas?

PayID and Osko have been built to support Australia’s domestic payments capability. That’s not to say this won’t evolve and expand over time.

Looking for more information?

More information about the New Payments Platform, PayID and Osko can be found on the NPPA FAQ Page.

Can I have a debit card and a wearable on the one account?

Yes – members can choose to have one of each access facilities.

Can I have my QBANK credit card linked to my wearable?

No,  this is only available for Visa Debit accounts (Everyday Plus, On Call or Pension Plus).

Can I use my Wearable to withdraw cash?

Most merchants do not accept payWave to withdraw cash and ATMs generally require a card be inserted. It is up to the ATM owner whether they have the ATM setup to accept payWave cash withdrawals.

Do I need to set a PIN?

We recommend for security purposes, you set a PIN as soon as you activate your Wearable. Whilst the Wearable will work successfully for payWave payments under $100, you wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced if your purchase was over this limit.

Does my Wearable expire?

Just like a credit or debit card, your Wearable will also expire. You will receive the expiry date with your Wearable and account information. A new Wearable Chip will be issued the month before expiry.

How do I activate my Wearable and set my PIN?

You can activate your Wearable and/or set your PIN through the QBANK App or Internet Banking:

Login to the QBANK App; Swipe left or up (dependent on phone) and select "Card Management"; Swipe to the Wearable and select "Activate"; then select "Change PIN" and follow the prompts.

Login to Internet Banking; select "My Preferences"; select "Activate Card' and follow the prompts; then select "Set Your Card's PIN" and follow the prompts.

Is my Wearable secure?

A Wearable has all the same benefits and security as your QBANK Visa Debit and Credit Cards. For maximum security, please ensure you keep your Wearable as safe and secure as you would a credit or debit card and don't disclose your PIN to anyone.

What account can I link a Wearable to?

A QBANK Wearable can be linked to any account that is eligible for a Visa Debit Card including the Everyday Plus account, the On Call account and the Pension Plus account.

What happens if I lose my Wearable?

If your Wearable is lost or stolen you can lock it using the QBANK App and selecting Card Management. You will then need to contact QBANK to cancel the Wearable and organise a new one to be issued.

Why are there only specific colours available?

The colours chosen represent the different areas of our membership base such as, Queensland Police Service, Queensland Ambulance Service, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services and Department of Health. 

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