Further to recent communication to all CueCard holders, QBANK has now closed all CueCard facilities. The decision to close the CueCard facility was made after significant consideration and review. All CueCard holders have been issued with QBANK’s Visa Debit Card.


What does this mean for CueCard holders?

From 11 December 2023, Members and any additional card holders will no longer be able to use the CueCard for eftpos purchases or cash-out transactions.

We have issued all current card holders with a new Visa Debit Card. This has been attached to their existing account. Each new Visa Debit Card will have a new card number and a new PIN. Please continue to protect the security of the card and card information.

The new Visa Debit Card comes with additional functionality compared to the CueCard. It can be operated via the ‘credit’ or ‘savings’ options on eftpos terminals and online. With the new ‘credit’ option, Members will now be able to use their card for unlimited free purchase transactions. The Visa Debit Card can also be added to Digital Wallets and allows payments at any retailer displaying the Visa Debit Card logo, anywhere in the world.

What do CueCard holders need to do?

Please activate the Visa Debit Card prior to use. The card can be activated via Internet Banking, the App, Phone Banking or by contacting our Member Service Team.

For security, please ensure all CueCards are destroyed. This can be done by cutting the card and chip in half.


For any questions relating to the above information, please feel free to contact our Member Service Team via info@qbank.com.au or 13 77 28, Monday to Friday, 8:45am - 4:30pm.