In today's digital age, managing payments efficiently and securely is paramount. Enter PayTo, a revolutionary platform that offers users unparalleled control over transactions directly from their bank accounts. But what exactly is PayTo, and how does it work?

What is PayTo?

PayTo serves as a convenient method to authorise and oversee payments from your bank account. It offers versatile functionality, acting as a digital substitute for direct debit while enabling users to make payments directly from their bank accounts.

How does PayTo work?

Vendors establish "PayTo agreements" with customers, wherein the user authorises the amount and timing of payments for goods or services. These agreements are then presented in the user's internet banking for authorisation. Once approved, the vendor can initiate debits according to the agreed terms.

Why use PayTo?

PayTo offers simplicity and security, granting users greater oversight of bank account transactions. Through Internet Banking, users can view, or pause agreements, providing peace of mind and control over their finances. Moreover, PayTo eliminates the hassle of remembering card details, requiring only a PayID or BSB and account number for transactions.

Where can I use PayTo?

Since its rollout in mid-2022, PayTo has been gradually integrated into various payment systems. Users can identify PayTo-enabled merchants by the distinctive logo.

Is PayTo safe?

PayTo prioritises security, requiring authorisation within the banking app before any transactions occur. Users are encouraged to review agreement details carefully before approval. Additionally, vendors can only debit accounts according to the agreed terms, ensuring financial safety.

Has anything else changed?

Yes, with the introduction of PayTo we have updated our General Information Terms and Conditions as well as our Schedule of Fees and Charges. These updates include information on Creating, Amending and Pausing agreements and cost associated with performing PayTo transactions on some accounts. More information on PayTo terms and conditions is available here and information for fees and charges is available here.

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