Looking to buy a new home or investment property, but feel daunted by the process? Have a rough idea of what you want and where you want it, but just don’t have the time to search, inspect, negotiate and (hopefully) close the deal?

The property market in Queensland is continuing to grow, and the price of housing is going up with it. Interest rates are low and more people are looking to buy - and sell! Using a buyer’s agent might be the right choice to ensure you get the best value for your hard-earned money and have someone in your corner to do the hard yards searching for the right property.


Benefits of using a buyer’s agent

Get a personalised portfolio selected for you

Buyer’s agents will handpick a selection of properties that meet your criteria, and work with you to find the one that’s right for you! Having a tailored selection means that you can spend your time inspecting properties that fit your requirements instead of sifting through the masses of options out there.

Save time on your property journey

Finding the right property can be a gruelling and time-consuming process - and that’s all before your settlement period! Having an expert on your team to do the leg work can significantly decrease the amount of time you need to invest in the process - so you can focus on properties that tick your boxes.

Market and investment knowledge

Hiring an expert in the real estate landscape gives you access to a wealth of knowledge that you may have otherwise missed out on. Buyer’s agents have their finger on the pulse of Queensland real estate. They have a network of contacts who can not only help them find a wealth of properties that fit your criteria but who may even provide access to properties that are not yet on the market.


Things to consider

Communication is key

If you don’t have open and clear communication with your agent, you may not see the benefits of engaging their services. Miscommunication can lead to a selection of properties that do not suit your requirements and involve you spending more time to re-align their selection to your needs.

Agent fees can offset the benefits

Take your time to assess if your chosen agent’s fees are within your budget and worth the cost for your circumstances. You can discuss fees and services with the buyer’s agent before engaging their services to ensure it is the right fit for you.


QBANK Property Assistance Service

At QBANK, we are invested in providing tailored assistance to our members. Our Property Assistance Service is designed to provide you with access to a trusted buyer’s agent to help you find your dream home -  so you can continue to serve our community without additional stress.

The QBANK advantage:

  • We are members first - always.
  • QBANK provides the support you need to make a purchase with confidence.
  • We provide assistance so you have time to focus on what matters most.

To talk to us about our Property Assistance Service or to find out more about your buying options contact us on 13 77 28 8.45 am - 4.30 pm Monday to Friday.