Financial services globally are making a firm commitment to adopting and practicing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), an initiative strongly endorsed by QBANK.

For QBANK, CSR is taking responsibility for the impacts of our decisions on social, community and environmental activities. QBANK also considers the interests of all stakeholders, members, employees, and our communities.



We are committed

Where members are at the centre of all decisions, we take great pride in providing those that serve Queensland with a banking alternative and outstanding customer service, where members are considered the foundation of all decisions.

QBANK is making a conscious effort to contribute to the positive, long-term differences CSR can create socially, economically, locally and environmentally.

Our members, staff and communities

Our commitment to those we represent is unwavering, and we will continue to provide exceptional service and cost-effective financial services tailored to the unique needs of the first responder and public service community.

We will continue to strengthen our ties and partnerships with a range of organisations and charities with a direct reflection of our community and those who serve Queensland.

As a Queensland based organisation, QBANK is proud of its commitment of local employment, while involving our people in the values of CSR by holding monthly staff fundraising events to support local charities.

Advocating financial wellbeing

As one of the panel lenders selected under the Australian Government’s First Home Loan Deposit Scheme (FHLDS), we are looking forward to providing eligible members with an opportunity to enter the property market for the first time.

At a local community level, QBANK is engaging in many initiatives, such as conducting Financial Education programs to help people better understand and manage everyday finances.

The ethos of CSR is also being embraced when it comes to unexpected impacts on the community, with QBANK adopting a responsive and compassionate approach when members are affected by natural disasters and unforeseen social issues.

Maintaining governance and controls

QBANK operates strictly under the Customer Owned Banking Code of Practice, adhering to our own stringent standards, and those of the prudential standards set by APRA.

We are also maintaining Governance standards and a compliance framework that supports transparency, full accountability and the management of the organisation in a rigorous and prudent manner.

Committed to future thinking

We believe in safeguarding the environment, so QBANK is declining to directly lend to, or directly invest in projects or businesses involved in the coal, gas or oil sectors.

In the ever-changing arena of technology, we are maintaining an ongoing commitment to continuous improvement, focusing on digital payments and seamless processing of transactions (QBANK was ready with OSKO instant payments on all digital channels as soon as it released), and adopting digital delivery of various important communications, including member statements, and annual reports.

QBANK is also introducing collaboration and video technology to ensure we can service our members, anywhere, anytime, along with reducing our environmental footprint by maintaining a recycling and waste reduction program within our head office building.

Playing our part

QBANK is proud to be part of the CSR movement and how it is changing the way many organisations are thinking, working and acting. We are equally proud of the benefits CSR will bring to the members we serve and the broader community we engage with at various levels.